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Each of our investments must offer the prospect of becoming a viable public company or acquisition candidate. Company management must embrace the concept that venture capital, although invested with a long-term view, requires a liquidity event. Potential investment opportunities should include:

  • An exceptional entrepreneur(s) with the experience and ability to attract and build a strong management team. Individuals should have integrity, clear goals and an ability to adapt to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Unique and proprietary products and/or services with the potential to achieve rapid growth while sustaining high gross margins. A patent portfolio and well-protected trade secrets are important.
  • Large and growing markets in which the company’s sales can exceed $20 million in three to six years.

We welcome business plans and ideas from entrepreneurs and their advisors. We also actively seek proposals from university technology transfer officers. All information that we receive is treated in strict confidence.

If your company meets Intersouth's investment criteria, you may submit your business plan to: Intersouth Partners, 102 City Hall Plaza, Suite 200, Durham, NC 27701, or by using this online form:

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