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Confidentiality of Financial Information

The annual and quarterly reports, on either our website or provided to you in hard copy, contain highly confidential information regarding the business, operations and financial condition of all the Intersouth Funds and our portfolio companies. This information is for use by Limited Partners and consultants (receiving this information at the request of a Limited Partner) only and shall be maintained in strict confidence. Any disclosure of this information could be damaging to the Intersouth Funds or our portfolio companies and, consequently, Intersouth Partners asks that the confidentiality of this information be maintained. By reading this information, each Limited Partner and consultant agrees that this information (i) shall be used by such Limited Partner and consultant solely in furtherance of its interests as a Limited Partner and shall not be used by such Limited Partner and consultant for any other purposes, and (ii) shall not, without the prior express written consent of the General Partner, be reproduced in any manner for, or disclosed to, any other person.

If you have received a request for disclosure of information regarding Intersouth Funds or our portfolio companies (or more broadly, venture capital or private equity information which could include information regarding Intersouth Partners Funds or our portfolio companies), Intersouth asks that you contact Bonnie Layman, CFO, at Intersouth Partners before releasing any such information. For those Limited Partners who are subject to information disclosure laws or regulations, Intersouth Partners would like to work with you and your legal representative to identify appropriate legal grounds to avoid disclosure.