Zenph Does a Retake, Launches the ZOEN

Company raises $900,000 and launches online learning platform for music

Durham, North Carolina – August 15, 2012 – Zenph Inc., a technology company created with the assets of Zenph Sound Innovations, Inc. announced today that it is launching the ZOEN, an online learning platform for music.

The ZOEN (Zenph Online Education Network) is where people learn to play the music they love. The ZOEN delivers the perfect fit between teachers and students worldwide through live online music lessons. Hosted in the cloud, the ZOEN will deliver digital content and tools for instruction via a software-as-a-service model.

The new company will leverage the extensive intellectual property, including patents, music learning software and digital signal processing algorithms, acquired from Zenph Sound Innovations, Inc. to deliver an unparalleled online lesson experience.

“The $1.3 trillion education industry is quickly adopting digital delivery models which are fundamentally changing the way we learn. The ZOEN delivers online music learning through personal interaction with a live instructor,” said Kirk Owen, CEO of Zenph. “It is designed to get people playing the music they love by giving them easy access to quality teachers and learning content that is centered on the lesson experience.”

Zenph, Inc. is led by a proven management team that brings together significant expertise in music education, digital marketing, data analytics and cloud-scale software-as-a-service infrastructure. The recent $900,000 financing round, led by Durham-based Intersouth Partners, is being used to launch the ZOEN.

In addition to finding the perfect match and delivering live online lessons between teachers and students, the ZOEN will provide a number of cloud-based solutions to manage billing and payments, create music lesson plans, manage communications, track learning outcomes and share knowledge and expertise via social networks.

About the Zenph Online Education Network
Based in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, the Zenph Online Education Network (ZOEN) is an online community where people learn to play the music they love. The ZOEN delivers digital content and tools for music instruction and helps teachers and students find the perfect match. More information is available at www.thezoen.com.