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Dennis Dougherty

Since founding Intersouth in 1985, Dennis Dougherty has been active in all aspects of the venture investment process. He has served on dozens of boards of directors for both private and public companies. He is known for his experienced insight, consensus building and syndicate leadership. To learn more about Dennis, click here.

Mitch Mumma

Mitch has primary responsibility for Intersouth’s technology portfolio. He joined Intersouth in 1989, shortly after its founding. Mitch has extensive full-cycle venture investment experience and has personally led more than 20 investments for Intersouth. Currently, he serves on the board of directors of five private Intersouth portfolio companies. To learn more about Mitch, click here. 

Kay Burgess

Kay Burgess has over 30 years experience in a variety of roles in finance and administration.  Since 2012, she has served as Intersouth’s Chief Financial Officer. To learn more about Kay Burgess, click here.

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